S/MIME Tutorial
95% of Internet users have the ability to digitally sign and encrypt email - they just haven't configured their mail client to enable this functionality. This tutorial contains a brief overview of what digital ID's can do and how to set one up for yourself.
For nearly a decade PDA's have improved the portability of information from a desktop computer. Like many technical advances, this concept was represented in Star Trek. This comparison helps to illustrate how close we have come to the Star Trek "ideal", and how far we have to go.
Windows Media Player Skins
Before the Windows Media Toolbar that first appeared in Windows Media 9, I needed an ultra-small skin for "always on top" media player use. I wanted something that would be out of the way - but easy to use even at high monitor resolutions. Check out and download the results here.
HTML Tutorial
Sometime in late 1998 my employer at the time asked me to teach an introductory class on HTML to our account executive staff. The result was this tutorial which seeks to illustrate some of the basic concepts of HTML development to a level that will allow most people to get started making simple web pages.
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